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NO GATEKEEPING! That's my policy. All too often I see people being extorted in their quest for basic information on veterinary imaging. 


VIRA is designed as an educational resource to assist veterinary imaging personnel in their daily practices and continued growth in the field. It all started as a place to organize training guides and information that I had compiled over 15 years of medical imaging experience. Slowly it evolved into something that I thought other people may benefit from and I decided to make it public.

This site is in no way an exhaustive database of information but the beginning of something new. If you have suggestions or find errors in the information provided please reach out and let me know. 

If you have additional information you would like to share please join our community forum where you can post information, ask questions, and offer your knowledge to the growing community!


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Kevin Stevens, RT R, MR

Imaging Specialist

Kevin has been working in diagnostic imaging since 2001. He is a registered imaging technologist specializing in MRI. Trained in human medicine, Kevin began working in veterinary medicine in 2009. Along the way he has become a renowned source of information and training for imaging personnel in the field of veterinary medicine.  

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